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How pure is your product?

Incromega fish oil concentrates are produced using PureMax technology that selectively concentrates EPA and/or DHA whilst stripping out environmental contaminants.

Our proprietary PureMax processes encompass multiple refining steps and quality checks. Going beyond industry norms, Croda ensures every single Incromega batch produced is tested against all specification parameters to provide 100% confidence to our customers.

Oxidative impurities present within fish oil can result in the unpleasant odour and taste often associated with Omega 3 products. The PureMax process minimises these impurities in Incromega oils, which are then processed and packed under nitrogen, resulting in fish oil concentrates with excellent organoleptic properties.

PureMax™ can enhance your product by:

  • Minimising impurities
  • Concentrating EPA and/or DHA
  • Generating public and professional health awareness
  • Providing ultimate product confidence

About the PureMax™ brand

For the end consumer PureMax is a seal of quality, guaranteeing confidence in their nutritional purchase. Croda and its customers are proud of the unique benefits that the PureMax process delivers, hence the appearance of the PureMax quality seal on over 40 Omega 3 end product packs around the world. has been launched as a fun and informative consumer website. The site aims to educate consumers about the benefits of Omega 3 and also showcases our PureMax partners’ products.

For more information, please see or register for access to the PureMax™ webinar.