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Crodasol™ HS HP

Crodasol™ HS HP is a high purity nonionic surfactant, providing excellent solubilisation properties with low toxicity. Compliant with the PhEur monograph, it is a mixture of monoesters and diesters of 12-hydroxystearic acid and macrogols.

Crodasol™ HS HP is commonly used in preclinical testing of drugs, primarily injectable applications such as intravenous or other parenteral dosage forms. It is ideal for the solubilisation of fat-soluble vitamins and active ingredients and has been used in preclinical formulations in which supersaturated injectable formulations of water-insoluble actives are prepared. Ultimately, it is ideally used in parenteral and oral dosage forms as well as suppository systems.

  • Superior solubility properties
  • Very low toxicity and irritancy
  • Ideal for parenteral dosage forms
  • PhEur monograph compliant
  • Low melting point – liquefies at 30°C

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Crodasol™ HS HP
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