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Synperonic™ PE

Croda offers a range of poloxamers under the trade name Synperonic™ PE, a series of non-ionic, tri-block copolymer surfactants suitable for pharmaceutical applications. These poloxamers are chemically very similar, differing only in their polypropylene oxide to polyethylene oxide content. This variation causes the physical and surface active properties of the poloxamers to vary.

Individual Synperonic™ PE products are suitable for a variety of applications, including parenteral and ophthalmic delivery systems, cell culture applications, dental care and medicated skin care formulations such as antibacterial washes and anti-acne formulations.

Benefits of the Synperonic™ PE series include:

  • Several grades are PhEur and NF monograph compliant
  • Act as solubilisers, emulsifiers, gelling agents, foaming and defoaming agents and detergents
  • Mild, non-irritant nature - ideal for use in ophthalmic applications such as contact lens solutions and eye drops
  • Thermally reversible gel formation possible
  • Extremely low taste and odour

More detailed information about the Synperonic™ PE range is available to download in the form of a datasheet. In order to view this, please register or login to the Croda Direct customer extranet.

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