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Super Refined

One of the main challenges faced by pharmaceutical formulators is the ability to produce stable drug formulations. Many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can respond unstably to oxidation, moisture or pH, affecting the both the stability of the drug and the final formulation.

To achieve products with both superior quality and purity, Croda developed a proprietary flash chromatographic process called Super Refining™. This process physically removes impurities from pharmaceutical excipients and nutritional oils without altering their fundamental structure in any way. The removal of these impurities provides a range of added value to the formulator including enhanced API stability, improved oxidative stability, reduced cellular irritation, enhanced skin permeation and reduced taste impact.

By chromatographically purifying our polar and non-polar excipients, it has been possible to eliminate many of the polar and oxidative impurities that are normally present in pharmaceutical pharmacopoeia grade ingredients. , namely: moisture; residual catalyst; peroxide and aldehydes. Super Refining does not alter the chemical structure of the excipient in any way, so your formulation can perform as intended.

Super Refined™ Range of Excipients

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