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Boost kids’ brains with DHA supplementation

Croda’s smart ingredients for kids

Children need to be provided with a nutrient-rich diet that can meet the needs of their growth and development. The essential fatty acid DHA is a vital nutrient for their brain functioning1.

Croda’s comprehensive range of essential fatty acids (EFAs) allows you to offer condition-specific supplements to improve the concentration and brain development of your children. Our high purity Incromega ™ concentrates also mean you achieve maximum Omega 3 content per capsule - allowing smaller, more child-friendly capsules.

Our ‘smart ingredients’ package of high purity lipid concentrates can benefit your children by:

  • Improved concentration and learning2
  • Having a calming effect on their behaviour3
  • Having a positive effect on the behaviour of children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder4
  • Treating Developmental Coordination Disorder/dyspraxia2

Make the smart move and start developing your 'lipids for kids' range with Croda:


Omega 3




Incromega E1070 87.5% min 8.5% min 70% min Croda’s high concentrated DHA lipids may help to feed a child's brain and enhance their concentration.
Incromega DHA 500TG 70% min 6.5% min 55% min
Incromega E4520 75% min 45% min 20% min Cost-effective EPA/DHA for the health-conscious parent.


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