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Improve your mood

Enhance your mood naturally with Croda’s range of Incromega™ EPA concentrates

Depression is a common mental illness estimated to affect up to one in five Britons at some point in their lifetime. People of all ages are known to suffer from depression and the illness is becoming increasingly diagnosed at a much earlier age with at least 2% of children under 12 struggling with significant depression, rising to 5% by the teenage years. However new research looking at various treatments to address this growing trend in children and adults alike has highlighted the potential benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for those suffering from clinical depression.1,2

Croda’s range of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) concentrates may improve brain function and enhance the mood by:

  • Alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety3
  • Improving your general sense of well-being3
  • Addressing sleep disorders4

Croda's natural ingredients for mood health include: 


Omega 3




Incromega E7010 90% min 70% min 13% max Improve your mood with Croda’s potent Incromega EPA grades.
Incromega TG6015 80% min 58% min 10% min
Incromega TG4030 85% min 44% min 28% min
Incromega EPA 500TG 75% min 55% min 6% min
Incromega E4520 75% min 45% min 20% min
Incromega E3322 65% min 33% min 22% min Cost-effective EPA lipid, ideal for promoting mood health the natural way


1. R Hibbeln, Fish consumption and major depression, Lancet, 1998, 351, 1213

2. Conklin SM, Harris JI, Manuck SB, Yao JK, Hibbeln JR, Muldoon MF. Serum Omega 3 fatty acids are associated with variation in mood, personality and behavior in hypercholesterolemic community volunteers. Psychiatry Res 2007.