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With specially curated content for the Pharmaceutical community our on demand conference features a series of invigorating presentations and roundtables. Browse our on demand booths which contain video presentations and downloadable resources for each of our Croda Health Care segments.

Presentation Highlights

Roundtable: Croda's Commitment to Quality
Quality is not just a step in our process; it is a multifaceted approach to the way we do business. Listen in and engage in the discussion between various in-house stakeholders on the importance of quality and how we ensure that our products are made consistently and efficiently to meet customers needs’.

Keynote: Interview with Nick Challoner 
Watch this interview with Dr. Nick Challoner, sponsor of the event, to discover how the latest acquisitions in Croda Health Care contribute to Croda’s 2030 goals. Learn more about our involvement in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic and find out the value that Croda can bring to our customers.

Lipid Technology by Avanti Polar Lipids 
Croda's acquisition of Avanti Polar Lipids comes at a perfect time, where innovation and high quality come together to creating a lasting impact for millions of people around the world. Come and learn about our newest member of the Croda family and how it serves as a testament to our Purpose: Smart science to improve lives.

The Importance of High Purity Excipients in Pharmaceutical Development Through Quality by Design
Quality by Design (QbD) is an integral part of the pharmaceutical lifecycle. Learn about how Croda works with our customers to navigate this process and ensures a high quality product every time!

Establishing Footprints in Asia Pacific 
Learn about how Croda is working with customers in the Asia Pacific region, providing solutions to the needs of an eclectic region with new and exciting developments!

High Purity QS-21 for High-Value Vaccines
Come and learn about one of Croda’s newest offerings into the vaccine adjuvant space, QS-21, and how it can be utilised for sensitive vaccine applications.

Effect of Super Refined™ Ingredients on Vitamin Stability
Vitamin stability is a key concern for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, with issues such as inherent and oxidative instability. See the benefits of our Super Refined™ products and how they can be used to minimise vitamin degradation.

Excipients in China: ChP Changes and Impacts on Polysorbates
The Chinese pharmaceutical market is one of the largest growing markets in the world. Come and learn about new regulations and protocols pertaining to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Roundtable: General Quality Trends in Health Care
The global environment and regulations around quality are constantly changing and can have a profound effect on drug and excipient manufacturers. Tune in to our roundtable, where perspectives from EXCiPACT, IPEC, and the USP come together to have a meaningful discussion about how these trends affect customers and manufacturers, both in the near and distant future.