Reliably manufacturing Omega 3 APIs is demanding in terms of technical and regulatory expertise and requires rigorous production standards. These stringent requirements create a challenge for pharmaceutical companies seeking an appropriate Omega 3 API partner from among the typical nutritional grade providers.

Partner with us for your Omega 3 API project

  • Production facility approved by the MHRA and inspected by FDA for the manufacture of API materials to the required GMP standards
  • Operational capability to manufacture >90% Omega 3 grades in the form of triglycerides, ethyl esters and free fatty acids with tailored EPA and DHA levels to meet your needs
  • Omega 3 API products manufactured to ICH Q7 standards using proprietary purification and concentration technologies, providing quality assurance at every step in the supply chain
  • With over 30 years of Omega 3 development and manufacturing expertise, our processes ensure consistent levels of purity and potency and 100% quality guarantee on every batch
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