An adjuvant is a substance which is added to a vaccine with the aim of increasing the efficiency of that vaccine. From a chemical point of view, adjuvants are a highly heterogeneous group of compounds that share only one functional characteristic: that of being able to enhance immune responses. The most commonly used adjuvants are: aluminium hydroxide, aluminium phosphate, oil emulsions and purified quillaja saponin.

Adjuvants are used in vaccine production to stimulate the immune system and raise an early, long-lasting and efficient immune response to the vaccine. This increases efficacy and provides a high degree of protection from the disease against which you are vaccinating. By using adjuvants you will reach the same level of immune protection using fewer injections than when vaccinating with the non-adjuvanted antigen.


Adjuvant Categories

Our range of adjuvants is most easily categorised by chemically grouping the components used in the final product.