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Crodasol™ HS HP

Crodasol HS HP is a high purity nonionic surfactant which provides excellent solubilisation properties. Compliant to the PhEur monograph, it is a mixture of monoesters and diesters of 12-hydroxystearic acid and macrogols obtained by the ethoxylation of 12-hydroxystearic acid. This unique surfactant forms spherical micelles even at highly concentrated use levels, resulting in a linear relationship with its increasing concentration and its solubilising capacity for a number of different APIs. It is suitable for use in topical and oral dosage forms.
Crodasol™ HS HP
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Product details

Pharmacopoeia compliance

  • PhEur

Chemical group

  • Polyol ester

Administration route

  • Oral
  • Topical

Market application

  • Human pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary health


  • Solubiliser

Physical form

  • White to pale yellow waxy solid


  • 15.00
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