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Health Care

Adjuvant GMP certificates

View and download the GMP certificates on the right hand side from the two sites; Croda Denmark Elsenbakken and Smedetoften. 
Technical library
Vaccine vial dose flu shot drug needle syringe

Human vaccines

At Croda, we are committed to provide the vaccine industry with products meeting the highest quality standards. Alhydrogel® and Adju-Phos® are widely recognised industry-leading adjuvants produced in the only aseptic manufacturing site for adjuvants globally.

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Veterinary vaccines

Veterinary vaccines have had, and continue to have, a major role in protecting animal health and public health, reducing animal suffering, enabling efficient production of food animals to feed the growing human population, and greatly reducing the need for antibiotics to treat food and companion animals.

vaccine development


For more than 80 years Croda has been dedicated to safe and effective adjuvants suitable for use in both human and veterinary vaccines.

Manufacturing and Importation Authorisation

273.0 KB

Human / Elsenbakken DK H 10000238

101.4 KB

Human / Smedetoften DK H 100000241

101.2 KB

Human Investigational Medicinal Products / Smedetoften DK IMP 10000285

101.2 KB

Veterinary / Elsenbakken DK V 1000239

100.5 KB

Veterinary / Smedetoften DK V 1000240

101.6 KB

EU API Registration REG-100000

36.3 KB

EU GDP for API REG100000 DK APIGDP 10000242

38.9 KB
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