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vaccine development


For more than 80 years Croda has been dedicated to safe and effective adjuvants suitable for use in both human and veterinary vaccines.

To this day, one of Croda’s core competencies is to develop, manufacture and market high-quality adjuvants and be a dedicated and reliable partner for our customers. This unique historical focus has formed a strong market position and brands such as Alhydrogel®Adju-Phos® and Quil-A® are widely recognised in the vaccine industry.

Vaccine adjuvants are a highly heterogenous collection of compounds that share one functional characteristic: the ability to enhance immune responses.
vaccine development
Understanding the importance of adjuvants to your business

Developing and manufacturing vaccines is not a trivial task. We possess the highest level of expertise in adjuvants, which we will bring to the table and adapt to your needs
We are a team of experts in manufacturing adjuvants who are dedicated to adding value to your business. 
We understand the need for new adjuvant technologies in modern vaccines. We continuously strive to improve. Our R&D group develops the next generation of adjuvants and shares our knowledge with vaccinologists to facilitate effective vaccine design

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Croda has been a specialised and leading supplier of vaccine adjuvants since 1939 dedicated to consistent high quality and outstanding manufacturing capabilities:
Consistent high quality

We are the only company to manufacture sterile adjuvants produced by an aseptic process
We manufacture according to GMP EudraLex Volume 4
We strive to continually improve our Quality Management System through established metrics


We have been a key player in developing adjuvants and making them available since 1939
We are proud of more than 680 peer-reviewed publications involving our adjuvants and roughly 23,000 scientific hits on Google Scholar
We are committed to developing our expertise and portfolio of products and services for the benefit of our customers

Adjuvant Categories

Mineral-based adjuvants include aluminium hydroxide and aluminium phosphate gel products specifically developed for use in human and veterinary vaccines
Saponins include purified extracts from Quillaja saponaria Molina tree and stimulate both cell-mediated and antibody-mediated immune responses to antigens

Vaccine adjuvants

Vaccine Adjuvants - Bringing 80 years of expertise to you

Vaccine adjuvant
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Click below to discover our range of mineral-based adjuvants.



An aluminium hydroxide gel which is a suspension of boehmite-like (aluminium oxyhydroxide) hydrated nano/micron size crystals in loose aggregates.



An aluminium phosphate gel which is a suspension of hydrated amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate nano/micron size crystal in loose aggregates.



AlhydroVet is an aluminium hydroxide gel product specifically manufactured for use as an adjuvant in veterinary vaccines.

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